From the People who brought VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations to Bay Area based Companies.



Accelerate & Strengthen Your Impact

Improve Professional Productivity
Make a bigger difference in complex organizations

Benefits of the Leveraging ImpactTM Program

From the people who brought VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations to Bay Area based companies, Richard J Lee Consulting has developed Leveraging ImpactTM, a fresh new program designed for participants to make a bigger difference in complex organizations.

  • Unleash and leverage the force of empowerment, alignment, and collaboration – on a current challenge.
  • Drive a more empowered relationship, as a manager or as a direct report.
  • Sync priorities and goals – to do the right thing, for your real team.
  • Partner with others to achieve cross-functional goals.

The methodology, insights and skills are based on three decades of working with many of the best companies in Silicon Valley. This half to full-day workshop focuses on how to accelerate and strengthen the impact of professionals and all levels of management in today’s complex organizations.


Results Focused

Leveraging ImpactTM provides fresh and validated tips on improving the three fundamental levers of impact: Effective empowerment, fluid alignment, and collaboration. Because of their linkages, when these three levers are strong and in sync, they inordinately increase the impact of participants. They walk away with tips to use immediately. Practical and results focused.

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Richard J. Lee Consulting was founded in 1994 in Silicon Valley, and provides learning solutions which are scalable globally, and consulting to executive teams.

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